Adding in a big update, I finally got around to take photos of the individual rooms ^^;
Nothing is set in stone yet, I’ll describe what needs to be done still to each of them. I’m pretty pleased how everything looks so far, but I do realize I need a bit more clutter items that are more personal to the characters ^^


I’ll need to make a door somehow, that will be used in other rooms as well, also want to redo the walls, adding in a feature brick wall. Needs more clutter and Aiji’s dedicated baseball bat and a place for the umbrellas. I might change the closet to a hanger too and use a different shelf unit for the shoes.

Living room:

This is the only room that is done, mainly because I use this as display ^^; (I’m thinking of a fur rug to add in)

Isao’s room:

Also mainly done, I’m looking to add in a few posters and a bedframe to elevate it off the floor.

Aiji’s room:

I need to get more walls, that can go wider. Also need a bedframe but for him it’s not that big of a deal. Want to add an amp for the guitar and add little boxes to the bottom of the dresser.

Karin’s room:

Also needs more clutter (I didn’t put much on the shelf because it was not stable enough, should be books there), pictures on the wall. And a wall for the big window with a view printed for it. 


Almost done, I want to make an epoxy faucet and shower head for the bathtub. The tub also needs another coat of paint but looks amazingly fitting (two SD dolls can fit in there behind each other ^^ )I might add in a panel to the open part of the counter with a washing machine print, to make it a bit more realistic. Or get one of those sets with the close to SD sized washing machine and put it elsewhere 😀
 Both this and kitchen walls are just placeholders, they will have a nice colorful tile print.


The wardrobe is taking the place of the fridge for now, I do plan to have on in there. I also want to make a more realistic stove-top, like one of the electric ones. And adding in detail for the counters, where the cupboard doors and drawers would be. There will be way more clutter up on the shelf and another shelf under that, it’s just not fixed in yet because of the wall changes.

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