The person behind all this is me, Zi, made all this for a platform to share the fruit of years in the BJD hobby. The site mainly revolves around my dolls, their stories, which you can read in a comic format too. This is the main aspect of the site, but I have added a few thing more, like artworks and tutorials!

A little bit about myself in detail: I joined the BJD hobby about 10 years ago, and has collected ever since. My taste might changed over the years, but I never lost interest in this kind of creative outlet and I believe I never will. I love figuring out characters, their life and building a whole world for them, literally, since I do have a diorama set up.
Besides dolls, I am a freelance artist and went to a local art college for 4 years. I currently am working at my own company sewing doll clothes and working part time as a graphic designer. I am currently living in Hungary’s capital and travel to visit family 2-3 times a year. I would love to travel to different places or live abroad too, but right now my main goal is to attend a doll show as a vendor.
In my earlier year I traveled a lot and have been to Greece as a vacation, Italy with an art class, Denmark, Macedonia, Switzerland with a traditional dancing group and Romania with a summer camp.

My other full-time hobby is pretty close to the above two, I love to role play. I had a freestyle partner for years and now I am mainly focusing on tabletop rpg called Magus. I do have a full gallery worth of drawings of this theme and I sometimes add little stories to the individual pictures. I am also flirting with the idea of creating a game with my own characters and world, with the help of my friends but till then I love to play freestyle with my doll’s characters.

Otherwise I like watching a number of things, (my guilty pleasure is Grey’s Anatomy to this day) my favorites are the The Handmaid’s Tale, Game of Thrones, Salem, Harlots and American Horror Story (only watching it with hubby and when I am not alone that night :’D ). I love sweet things, if I cook it’s more so on the sweet side, but I try to make it a healthy balance and I have a hidden talent in it it seems 😀

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