Today is a dedicated day to show support of the artists that created this hobby. With all the say news about newer recasts being made, I feel we have to do anything in our power to spread information. Most newcomers usually go and search the term bjd in google and on aliexpress and they end up on a recast seller’s page, and that is not good. This is why when we hold a panel we talk about counterfeits and why it is not good to buy them and all in all buying from a recast shop is frown upon. Here is a list of Pro’s and Con’s of recasters:

– Cheaper price
– Quicker Shipping

– Hit or Miss quality
– No refunds and quality control
– Unethical business and work conditions
– No toxic control (you can check how much toxic powder came out of a recast luts doll when they compared!)
– Not fitting clothes because of shrinkage
– Thin resin that breaks easily
– Buying recasts and their other items puts any artist in danger because the funds go there no matter if you buy “a big company recast”.
– Artist will not make new sculpts when they see their hard work stolen.
– No CoA, No support from the original company or the recast company.
– Seen some screen caps that the recasts sellers can be incredibly rude and actually scam you if they feel like it.
– No knowing of secure shipping and no chance of complaint.
– Your dolls might be taken by customs: Depending on the country you live in, if the customs do not allow counterfeits into their country they take and destroy anything that is considered illegal by their standards.

These are just what came to my mind but you can see from this perspective, the cheaper price is not worth your health, money and the well being of other artists.

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