It’s that time of the year again! Today we Celebrate the artists that created this hobby by showing our collection of legit Bjds. Why is this important? Artists make this hobby happen, without them we have no dolls to customize and make them our own. Every artist deserves to feel appreciated and to feel the love their dolls give us.

The collection here is the complete collection from myself and @ashuradark and hubby:

VerlorenResinsoul Long – Ash
KimmurielResinsoul Yi – Ash
KravcsDemiurge Eagle with Loongsoul body – Ash
KoomaRumpeldoll Morfeo with Dollshe body -Ash
KukuDollfamily-A Max with DollFamily-H body – Ash
AijiImmortality of Soul M with Dollzone body – Zi
YakovDollshe SA Saint with Resinsoul body – Zi
IsaoMigidoll Ryu with Angel of Dream body – Zi
KrimtaSoom MD Heliot – Ash
MikaDollmore Zaoll Luv – Zi
MarthaDollfamily-A Chu Jing with Impldoll body – Ash
Rai’gyResonsoul Long with Resinsoul Gang body – Ash
DragomirSelf-made head with Souldoll body – Ash
RyouImmortality of Soul M with April Story body – Zi
KarinWinterrain U-hwa with Supiadoll Body – Zi
DolaResonsoul Mei – Ash
ChinoFairyland Minifee Shushu – Zi
PenelopeSoom MD Ai – Zi
DrogoDollFamily-A Practice Head with Myoudoll body -Ash

The small row:
PuttoAileendoll Picodragon Ashes – Ogi
Poi PoiLoonsoul Pet Poi – Ash
ZeuObitsu 11cm – Ogi
Small KukuDollfamily-A MiaoMiao – Ash
Little DeerDollfamily-A DuoDuo – Ash
ElizabethDollmore  Ha-Yarn Cho – Zi
DamianRumpeldoll Abaddon – Zi
GildasSouldoll Hewer – Ash
AshaPhoenixdoll Liu – Ash
(Past) IsaoLeekeworld Mihael – Zi
Martha 2Dollfamily-A Lauer – Ash
Martha 3Dollfamily-A Xiao Xin – Ash
Faun PutinSelf-made head – Ash