The new year has came with a blast in out lives, so I didn’t had much time to do big photoshoots. We spent New year’s with family ad as soon as said family left I jumped back in to work.
I think it’s official now that I’ll be photographing the new eye releases for you should check out the January realistic stock!

Another big change is coming to our little household too, after much thought and many many weekends spent together, we are moving in together with my friend @ashuradark at the end of February. So fingers crossed to find a nice flat to rent till then 😀

In the mean time I am planning on how to set up a new and bigger diorama for the extended dolly family and setting up a new workshop corner in my dream home.
In other great news, I have reached 1K followers on instagram, so I will have a giveaway in celebration to that, I am working on the set that will be up, inspired by boy’s mori fashion and in SD size.

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