I did a thing…. the fact was that I wanted to reshell Elias, that is why I sold the old one; reason being that he was such a unique size that he didn’t really fit the crew. The Myou baby MSD’s are so cute but just not compatible with my crew because most of my big dolls have smaller heads. So I was opting to reshell him as a regular MSD boy, eyeing Myou’s dolls, when Ashuradark said that she want’s to downsize and probably sell her own body from them. Now I knew this body and knew how nice it is, but I didn’t had a head for it, so I started eyeing heads while we were on vacation and on the trip home we agreed to trade her body. I needed a week to find the head, but it popped up on DoA in the form of an old old Bluefairy May. Those who are in the hobby for a few years now know how old this head is: it still has the headcap that is held onto by the s-hook, has a 1 engraved in the head too and still has the original company faceup, at least I believe it to be that. I will paint him myself, but just when I have to cause this is just too cute. I dug up an old wig until I get him some, plus some shoes. But let’s meet the new Elias: