Chapter I – Part 3

– What’s that?
– Well, for your information, in the guitar case, there is a guitar. – Aiji answered sarcastically.
– Okay, let me rephrase that, why is there a guitar with you?
– You’ll see. – Aiji flashed him a grin.

Chapter I – Part 2

It took a hour and a half, Aiji noted, but it worked. He had them sit in the dark, putting on a movie (a very boring one), waiting silently for Isaac to lull his head, then lay down on the couch. Aiji let out a breath – finally – and he reached for the blanket at the end of the seat, tucking in the boy who was not taking steady breaths. What he did not anticipate when he got up to leave was a hand clutching his shirt for dear life.

Chapter I – Part 1

-Do you trust me? – Aiji asked, voice a bit lighter now that he addressed the younger boy, who only mutter a “No” as an answer – Smart boy.