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We had a quick minimeet with a few friends <3 It was more about meeting than photographing, but still got a few good pics. We had a hipster branch and some cuties to boost :3 Also some 3D printed dolls 😀 As you can tell they had a lot of fun~

2022 Japanese Garden Meet

Our biggest meet since we can freely go around! We had a lot of locations and a really nice warm and sunny day. I bought Chino and Isao with me, I’m really glad cause I needed some photos of them. I love Isao’s photos leaning to that little creek.

Autumn Photomeet

It’s been a long month of editing these pics but I didn’t want to hurry with them so I have time to give each one the attention needed. We walked a good portion of the island and took a lot of photos in a lot of nice places~ I thought bringing Mika out was about time since she wasn’t in …

First Photomeet in a while

So a pandemic happened and we couldn’t really hold photomeets but thanks to vaccines we now can move freely, at least for the summer~ A light photomeet, the location was familiar and I loved the idea of taking product photos in the wild! (The green dress will be my main piece for a cottage core themed upload soon!)