Megjelenítve: 9 -12 / 20 eredményből

Happy Halloween

Halloween came a bit early for us, but this doesn’t mean the autumn photoshoot will be left out, they just switched places 😉 I had the awesome chance to photograph some creepy and horror themed eyes for Ashuradark and in the mean time do a nice little creeper shoot along the way with dolls 😀 And also if you are …


A little story about how the boys wanted to surprise Martha and Karin after work. How different ideas of the two have of courting 😀

Photomeet – Elizabeth Lookout Tower Act II

We went back to out favorite lookout! There were supposed to be more people coming, but they got scared off by the forecast, wich was not wrong, we did get a heavy rain when we got up, but it passed quickly and the air was so much nicer afterwards. You can spot on the panoramic views where it’s raining ^^

Stroll in the Park

A really quick and small meet formed one weekend and we decided to go down to the park before sunset. Eventually one little guy stayed to get some new eyes by Ashuradark ^^