Megjelenítve: 13 -16 / 20 eredményből

Photomeet – Haller Park

We have a really rainy spring but got lucky today and went out into the greenery :3 Aiji also got new eyes made by Ashuradark <3 So he was very pleased with himself the whole time ^^

Photomeet – Elizabeth Lookout Tower

Took Karin and Ryou out for a photomeet. We visited the highest lookout point in the city and rode the Chairlift to the top and back (I’ve been living here for at least 4 years now and have not done this ^^; ). I was too scared to drop anything so there are no photos about the lift but otherwise …

Hó Nap

We were lucky to have a snow day! 😀 I usually get one around my birthday but this was before and stayed long enough to take so many photos :3 A few weeks ago we found this very cute wood slide decor in one of the shops and it’s the perfect size!

Fall Has Fallen!

It’s my favorite time of the year when we get to wear big sweaters, drink hot chocolate and have lots and lots of colors! Managed to finally make Karin’s more traditional attire (I’m not calling it a kimono because it’s far from that pattern) for the sake of a Con we held a booth. It was long overdue ^^; Anyway it …