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Sad Sad Kitty

We went to a little stroll in a nearby forest-park with the ‘kids’ 😀 I personally just wanted to have a few test-shoots in the green forest, but, as expected, Kuku had other plans :3 My two little girls had fun thou, they know better than to bring ice-cream to the forest 😀

Autumn Photomeet

It’s been a long month of editing these pics but I didn’t want to hurry with them so I have time to give each one the attention needed. We walked a good portion of the island and took a lot of photos in a lot of nice places~ I thought bringing Mika out was about time since she wasn’t in …

Fall Has Fallen!

It’s my favorite time of the year when we get to wear big sweaters, drink hot chocolate and have lots and lots of colors! Managed to finally make Karin’s more traditional attire (I’m not calling it a kimono because it’s far from that pattern) for the sake of a Con we held a booth. It was long overdue ^^; Anyway it …