Vacation 2022

Usually we go on vacation this time of year with my family, but this year they were busy renovating the newly inherited house that needed new roof and insulation, so this time we went to a different place with friends. As usual thou, we had super nice weather, could swim in the lake and go up to a lookout tower.

The dolls had a fun hike too. My crew consisted of Aiji and Karin, Ashura bought a few darkelves who were lazying around all week, and Asha who fawned over Aiji the whole time.

We got up super early one day to get these images at the lake. No-one was there and light was just splendid. I especially liked the colors on the upcoming sun.

The last day I got in some more pics around the house too, I’m really glad I did, there were some great sport, but of course we were there to relax too, not just go on working on photos 😀