I have been quiet for the first part of the year, because there were some big changes on our plate! If you follow me on instagram, you know, that we have been renting the same apartment for almost 6 years now, but with it’s state declining with all our efforts to keep it up to standard, and the landlady refusing to invest in a proper modernization, we decided it’s time to move on, and move on (and in) with @ashuradark, merging our studios.

The big diorama space in the new place.

Thankfully, we found a really nice, modern apartment rather quickly, so we had a month to just worry about packing up everything. The place is very nice, lots of parks and green areas around and lots of new photo scenes! The riverside is a block or two away too and we are still close to the main city area.
The apartment came without any furniture, so right now we are still looking to buy storage shelves for the walk-in wardrobe what will hold all the fabrics and other stuff we rarely use, and we also need to buy some wardrobe for our clothes in the bedrooms.
There will be a huge diorama space, with the help of a loft-bed as well as Ashuradark will have a smaller diorama in her room (the old diorama desk).

Work areas for all three of us.

What this workshop merging means for our customers is that there will be an ongoing collaboration:
Starting from March, our shops will be promoting one another so for these details please read below!
💟For every 100€ spent on eyes from @ashuradark (on the site bjdeyes.com), you will get a 20% coupon for @gavalloni.studio (for etsy or on-site purchases). With every 50$ more the coupon raises by 10%. (The coupon is maxed out at 50%, if you go over this amount then the coupons will be split in two.)
💟For every 100€ spent at @gavalloni.studio (this includes etsy store, the limited section on the site gavalloni.hu), you will get a free pair of eyes, in random color and size from @ashuradark. Maximum numbers of free eyes are 3 pairs, over that amount we will add in extra coupons as we see fit.
Both shops will keep their free-shipping policy worldwide. The coupons can be used up at any time, and can be used with ongoing sales.

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