First Photomeet in a while

So a pandemic happened and we couldn’t really hold photomeets but thanks to vaccines we now can move freely, at least for the summer~ A light photomeet, the location was familiar and I loved the idea of taking product photos in the wild! (The green dress will be my main piece for a cottage core themed upload soon!)

Happy Valentines!

I made a vote for the couples to be photographed for valentines and the vote came out even ^^; So Both got a little shoot, not much, but they look cute :3 Karin and Ryou cuddling is one of my favorite things 😀

Snowy revenge

First Snow this season! I have a sore throat (totally my fault, I’m mature like that to not bring a scarf so not it’s taking it’s toll), have muscle pain in my left tight, not sleeping well (really could fall asleep as I’m typing). But it’s snowday!!!! We don’t get that much nowadays, I remember when I was in school …


It’s that time of the year again! Today we Celebrate the artists that created this hobby by showing our collection of legit Bjds. Why is this important? Artists make this hobby happen, without them we have no dolls to customize and make them our own. Every artist deserves to feel appreciated and to feel the love their dolls give us. …