Sad Sad Kitty

We went to a little stroll in a nearby forest-park with the ‘kids’ 😀 I personally just wanted to have a few test-shoots in the green forest, but, as expected, Kuku had other plans :3 My two little girls had fun thou, they know better than to bring ice-cream to the forest 😀


We had a quick minimeet with a few friends <3 It was more about meeting than photographing, but still got a few good pics. We had a hipster branch and some cuties to boost :3 Also some 3D printed dolls 😀 As you can tell they had a lot of fun~


A little while back Damian got some new eyes from aunty Ashura. I still need to repaint him to match his skintone to the body, and generally give the body a bodyblush, but until then I can just use some editing for photos sake. I also need to sew more in his size, thou nobody really complained so far that …

Pink Soldiers

When the crazy idea to make the exact same outfit that was on Squid Game take a hold of you and people enable that idea with printed masks. I actually had to rewatch parts of the show to get all the pockets and leg pieces right. I will have these on for sale as a limited option, only to SD …