It’s that time of the year again, where we express our gratitude for the artists in the bjd hobby, because they make the bases of our collection! Without artists there are no new dolls, no new sculpts, no hobby. Unfortunately, the problem of recasts are present all year around, so we need to promote legit dolls, shop and sculptors every time we have a chance, which you can do by tagging companies, artists even just mentioning the companies in the hashtags. I also want people to educate newbies and help people go legit, even if they did bought a recasts for whatever reason. There are a few hobbyists who are a bit more aggressive in their fight against recasts, and sometimes I see the whole community bunched together as toxic and hateful; I want people to understand that no one is the same. I am pro-artist and anti-recast but if you ask for help, I will help with open arms and wont judge you if you take the right steps to support artist.
If you are new and want to buy your first doll, please do not hesitate to ask for help and please research. You should research everything you are buying online anyway, but specially bjds. There are some problems with recasts beyond the art theft, that can be a health hazard. I am putting together an info page on this, but please make sure you are cautious with your purchase. Recasts are art theft and not just make artists quit sculpting but builds great mistrust on the second hand market.

My collection of dolls, I never wanted too much, so once the bodies are bought for the two floating heads, I am only buying upgrades for the existing dolls. It’s been 10 years to collect this little family, and 13 years in the hobby.
Ashura’s collection on the other hand grew big in a smaller amount of time. I’ve introduced her to the hobby about 4 years ago and helped her in the first few steps along the way. Either way, if you collect slow or quickly, it’s fine as long as you collect legit dolls!

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