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Autumn Photomeet

It’s been a long month of editing these pics but I didn’t want to hurry with them so I have time to give each one the attention needed. We walked a good portion of the island and took a lot of photos in a lot of nice places~ I thought bringing Mika out was about time since she wasn’t in …

First Photomeet in a while

So a pandemic happened and we couldn’t really hold photomeets but thanks to vaccines we now can move freely, at least for the summer~ A light photomeet, the location was familiar and I loved the idea of taking product photos in the wild! (The green dress will be my main piece for a cottage core themed upload soon!)


Guess who found a 1/3 sized real watermelon! 😀 It’s summer and I love melons, all kinds. What we learned is that small watermelons exist and they taste like honey, at least this one did. We also learned that Aiji can eat up to 5 slices 😀 We also had a guest @floralaguna on the weekend to play dolls and …


We found out that Aiji has a stalker :O She’s secretly following him wherever she can >:3 The doll is a gorgeous Phoenixdoll Liu owned by @ashuradark that I had the pleasure to do a faceup for <3