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Lil missy after years finally got her body, that was printed out by my dear friend. Right now I have every doll on a body, only one head floating around, Isao’s old sculpt, since I can’t sell him (it’s been modded to hell and back and no certifications) but don’t really have use for it any more. To say Damian is happy to get back his dear daughter is an understatement <3

You little flirt

I accumulated a collection of Aiji being his flirty self and terrorizing the ones weak for him lol

You are finally back, old friend

We didn’t have so much snow for the past few years, so it was hard to date a nice snow-covered photoshoot. Specially that is in december! Imagine our excitement when we saw that it started to snow last night and covered the whole neighborhood!Had to pick up Damian for this, utilizing his cape <3

New arrival

I had a half-surprise Christmas gift from @ashuradark , I knew it was coming, because I had to choose the skin color, but I never saw the model in person before ^^She was 3D sculpted by Ihnatieva Inna and Ashura printed out one for me in SD scale and one for hubby in MSD scale. Her body is very unique so of course, there is no clothes that fit her in my collection, I will …

Happy New Year!

It feels 2022 had be so long, even the days seemed longer, and even thou it felt like it, I do feel like I’ve done virtually nothing. That is of course not true, but it still feels like that because many plans I had have had to be postponed.But to have a more happier note to this year’s end, I have decided on a new play. I have layed out all my plans for the …

Merry Christmas!

The tree is up and I took some Christmas family photos ^^ I like how the diorama looks after changing up the walls and I will definitely start a more detailed work on furnishing, but for now the tree takes up a corner. Fun fact, that the doll tree is our human tree too, because the apartment is not big enough for a big tree, we only decorate the windows with lights. It also stays …