Too Far

Warning: I don’t watch porn. I read it like a fucking lady!

The young blonde was sure he made his presence clear to his flatmate when they met in the hallway, saying he was working on something tonight and skipping today’s last class – that’s why it took him a good while to pick up on a noise that was not coming from his headphones, but rather, from the bathroom that connected both bedrooms on the upper floor.


Like a soft siren song at first, a woman’s voice – not that surprising, thought Isao as he tried to shut the noises out.
It was clear, whoever Aiji’s partner-of-the-day was, she was an entertainer, he could give her that.
Turning his back to the wall, totally planning to go back to his work before him, Isao intended to put on his headphones, stopping mid-way.

Curiosity rising in his gut. Or something else~

The noises were changing. So far he only heard the female voice entertaining whatever was done to her, but now the pitch changed. Whatever was done to her, this time she was enjoying it. Like really enjoying. Moaning mixed with grunts. Isao was sure he heard Aiji’s name too.

His calculating mind running a thousand miles per hour – if she has her mouth free to make noises like that, yet the ever so communicative partner was shut up –

A very vivid picture intruded the young boy’s mind: shower speckling over two bodies, one leaning against the wall, the other leaning in her on his knees.

As the image got clearer, Isao felt a hard throbbing, somehow wishing to be in there instead of the woman who’s form wasn’t even clear to him in his imagination.

– You love it don’t you sweets? – was the muffled voice he heard next, oh he could just see that grin on Aiji’s face even through the walls. He could only imagine what went down next, and imagine he did. Muffled moans and grunts giving the images in his head more solid ground and his mind giving in to the temptation to loosen his own sweatpants, touching his stiff erection that he was trying to ignore the past few minutes.

The motion was not unfamiliar to him, but rather frequent since he moved in to his room, and he knew the reason. Not only was he living with a very handsome man who literally saved his life and paraded himself half naked in their home, but this man was the subject of his adoration well before meeting him. Not anyone can say that the idol they grew up loving, their poster hanging in the room, just came in to their life and was in arm’s reach. But Aiji was. He was very real with very defined muscles and minty scent that lingered in every room he recently been in. His very real soft, jet black hair, falling into half of his face, almost hiding the scar that went over his right eye, down to his cheek, faded but still prominent. Sometimes he wanted to just trace that scar with his fingertips, place butterfly kisses on it, making it better, despite being healed for years now. He wanted to treat all his scars like that, the one on the left side of his mouth, between his shoulder blades, down on his stomach kissing away on defined pecks that he knew would contract under the sensation…

It was quiet. Isao had no idea how much time had passed – or how loud he was for that matter – but it seemed that the pair has left the shower and everything was as quiet as if he were to be alone at home.
Pulling his hands out of his sweats, feeling the sticking aftermath of his fantasy, a little bitter-sweet feeling at the moment now. He knew it was all just a play in his mind, Isao would never be that one alone at the mercy of Aiji’s mouth, his flirting comments just all fun and games.
Hearing that no-one was around anymore, the young boy took to his entrance to the shared bathroom, planning to clean the sticky substance off his hands, as well as discard his undergarment to the laundry.

It only took a moment of realization but it was too late, when he opened the door, his hurried steps coming to a full stop upon entering. There he was, shining in his post-sex glory (Isao decided to call it that), hair dripping wet, a towel sloppily around his waist. Thankfully, no-one else in sight.

Aiji was about to turn and leave when he saw his favorite blonde rushing through the door, hand held in front, the all too familiar substance between his fingers. For him it wasn’t rocket science what had happened and what the mystery goo was. To be fair, he was trying to be quiet – a sly grin spread across his face as Isao’s signature blush crept up on his neck, ears and cheeks. He was expecting a full meltdown by the looks of his red face and the predicament they found themselves in.

-Sorry, she’s a bit of a moaner – he remarked and before Isao could say or do anything, he stepped to him, taking the hand that he was holding up and with a precise tongue, licked his long finger, keeping eye-contact with his prey all the while, savoring the taste like it was a gourmet meal. In truth, Aiji wanted to behave, he really did, but this treat presenting itself was something he could not give up. Isao was a treat, that wasn’t available at all times, a sinful indulgence.

Isao heard a hard bass drum, but he could swear there was no music playing. And he was right, what he heard was his heartbeat, in his ears, rendering his face bright red and leaving him speechless.

How long was he standing there, doubt founded? Who knows. The only thing Isao knew that his brain was surely malfunctioning and if not, then Aiji reached a new height of toying with him. He was getting used to the meaningless flirting, so many times he now written it off as Aiji being in a fun mood, having said that he loves seeing the younger boy blush. But this was new. He didn’t make fun of his bright red cheeks, just left him there going on about his business. Seeming pretty satisfied with himself, but that was nothing new.

By the time Isao go to his senses and decided to venture down to their first floor, maybe stick his head in the freezer while he was there, Aiji was standing in the living area of the open plan floor, tv just loud enough to pick up as background noise, a grey haired man in front of a desk reading some local traffic news. The black-haired-menace standing in front, picking up two fancy glasses from the table, seemingly absent minded. Then something caught his ear, as he looked up at the flashing screen and without a second though picked up his phone from the table, dialing a number.

-Miss me already handsome? – the sweet siren voice called from the speaker of the phone, Isao realizing it was the woman that he heard in the shower. Aiji’s expression was the usual grin, he didn’t seemed to be touched by the voice or the nickname.

-Hey sweets; Just a heads up, a kid spangled himself to a lamp-post on Main, you better take a detour, lot of cops. – Aiji said matter-of-factly, using the nickname again.

-Looking out for me, the is chivalry is still alive – She could not finish her sentence if there was anything else because Aiji just hung up without saying anything else. Empathizing the irony of what she said. For a moment standing there and seeing this play out Isao thought what if the woman was a “professional”, he wouldn’t put it past his flatmate to hire someone for pleasure, and maybe it was easier than bringing home a girl from a bar and getting her to leave the next morning. He had this effect on them, probably his natural charm playing a great deal in it.

-Earth to Isaac! – Snapped him back to reality as he blinked, Aiji standing in the kitchen with the two glasses, seeing that the blonde boy finally snapped out of his daydream – I asked if you were hungry, I’m going to order takeout. My treat.

Isao just nodded, he could use some food, but he swore he would eat it in his room. He needs a distraction, something to get the look of Aiji’s smug face out of his mind. He didn’t say a word besides his order, even sat there quietly, tapping away on his phone as they waited for the food.
Aiji of course tried to make light conversation, and while usually it worked, now he was met with nods or just outright silence. He was getting bothered by this, but thought the maybe Isao was distracted by work, that happened before. Then he got frustrated, because taking a peak at the younger man’s phone, he was playing some game, something stupid that had no stakes or meaning. He was about to confront Isao head-on when the food arrived, and by the time he got settled again, sharing the little chinese take-out containers, Isaac was rounding up the stairs and in to his room. Now this was it. In the past year they both made a point to eat together, sharing their days and making sure the both ate, because both were terrible at keeping themselves fed, but pretty good at keeping each other in check. The fact that the boy just up and left felt sour to him. Thinking about it, he did go a bit far back there in the bathroom.

Aiji was never one to back down, this trait of his was the reason he was such a good hunter. He faced monsters twice his size, a little apology shouldn’t be that hard. Right? Right.
He knocked softly on the closed door, somehow expecting nothing, but relieved when Isao’s soft voice called out that it’s open. Aiji stepped in and stopped, seeing the boy at his desk, next to the door, chinese opened but not yet taken a bite out of. He stood there until Isao looked up at him, honey brown eyes looking him up and stopping when they met the dark blue pair.
– Look, I’m sorry, I got carried away back there. It won’t happen again I promise.
Isao’s eyes left his, looking down, embarrassed. Still the silent treatment.
– You need to tell me when it’s too much. There’s one thing I can’t stand is when someone sulks silently. – He stepped in closing the door behind him although they were alone.
Still nothing. Aiji stepped to him, standing beside his chair and spun him to face his direction, crouching down so he could see his face.
– Isaac.
This got his attention, looking at him once again, Aiji could see the glossy look, tears threatening to spill.
– I can’t talk to you about this. It’s way too embarrassing.
– What? That I caught you jerking off? – Ever so blunt. – There’s nothing embarrassing about that. We’re both adults here.
– It’s how you caught me… I was hearing you and her and I just…
– Noises can be pretty stimulating in that regard. Plus Candy has a sweet voice.
– And Candy is? – Isao questioned.
– An old friend who brings me…stuff. She dropped off a pack and stayed for a bit of fun. But that’s usually it, just a bit of fun.
Isao turned his head away, wanting look at anything else but Aiji reached up, stroking his cheek, coaxing to look at him.
– Will you tell my what bothered you about all this? I’m sure you’ve seen me with countless partners over the last year. Why get bothered now? What changed?
His touch was warm. Aiji was always so easy on physical contact, and those small touches were the fuel for many fantasies. He was not going to let this go until he get an answer.
– I…It’s not about the others. It’s about you. I feel utterly humiliated that you saw me like that because I was thinking about you.
Well that shut him up, mouth hanging open a bit. Even Aiji’s massive ego couldn’t phantom a world where the ever so innocent Isao was fantasizing about him.
– There, I said it. – The redness started to creep back to his face, specially burning where Aiji still had his palm.
– Wait, you’re telling me that you’re…I’ve been flirting with you for a year! Why didn’t you say something?
– Well you flirt with everyone! I thought it was just a fun little game for you.
– Not like this! Oh gods above, you thought I was just having fun? – He waiter for a nod – Isaac, I was in to you the moment you set foot in this room. I didn’t know if you were even interested in men because you never reciprocated anything but there were these…moments, where I thought you looked at me like that, so I tried.
– Back up…you were serious?
– Despite my reputation I don’t just lick cum off anyone’s fingers! Yes I was serious!

There was a long silence, both looking at each other, both seeing a new side of the other. Despite both going round and around each other, in the past year they became closer as friends too. There was virtually nothing they hid, or so they thought. A year of pining for the other to react and take a step.
Aiji bought up his other hand to Isao’s face, cupping his cheeks now in both.
– Isaac, I want you to listen to me. I care for you, deeply. I’ve had this pull to you on the first day and it never left. I want you, gods, I want you so much it was driving me mad.
– I didn’t knew how to act…I still don’t, I don’t have any experience in this…but I’ve been fantasizing, about you, about every touch and hug we shared. I wanted more, but I was afraid to do anything.
Isao let Aiji pull him down, where their forehead met, closing his eyes.
– You can touch me however you want. It will always be a welcome feeling.
Encouraged by his words, Isao reached up to trace the side of his face, down his jaw and neck to the ink of his tattoo. His touch so soft and innocent, but meaning so much now that everything was out in the open. Then he bought up his fingers again, to the scar of his lips, lightly tracing it, Aiji’s lips parting just a tad at the motion. When he felt Isaac dropping his hand on his shoulder he took to stand, bringing the blonde boy with him. Aiji’s hands still cupping his face and tilting it up a bit, he pressed a kiss on his temple, then on the bridge of his nose, finally coming to a stop upon his lips, both feeling each other’s breaths.
– Tell me, when it’s too far. – He breathed quietly.
Then his softly kissed his lips, taking his time to feel the soft skin, feel the breath caught in Isao’s throat as he parted his for more contact, encouraging more. Aiji took the kiss painfully slow, molding their lips together like clay, softly toying with the sensation. He wanted more, deeper, and the sound Isao made told him the feeling was mutual. He was the first to trace a tongue on the other’s lips, begging for entrance, exploring and coaxing Isao’s tongue to a playful wrestle. It was had to tell when one of them ended and the other began and by the time they parted to take a breath, both’s lips were red. That didn’t stop them from going back for more, Aiji uncharacteristically soft and slow.
After the initial first kiss, Isao’s hands caught a bit of courage, snaking them up and tangling them in Aiji’s hair, feeling that softness he imagined. Aiji’s hands also ventured, more freely, stroking their way down Isao’s sides then up his back, pulling him closer, flush against his body, the smaller frame slotted to him perfectly, like a missing puzzle piece both feeling the effect their kiss had on the other.
After breaking apart for the second time Aiji took to guiding them to the bed, prompting a more comfortable position, laying down and beckoning Isaac to join him.
– You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to. But you are free to explore.- He said, seeing the hesitation. Isao slowly climbed over him, thankful for the guiding Aiji provided. He was free to roam and he did not want to waist the opportunity. To Aiji’s surprise, Isao’s hands tucked under the hem of his shirt at his waist, sliding up and bringing the garment with them. Aiji took it upon himself to discard the shirt, in his laying position flexing his abdomen in the process, making the very defined muscles underneath visible. Isao traced the tip of his fingers down them, feeling their movements. He also traced up, to his chest drawing little circles around the pendant that hung in Aiji’s neck. It was the only thing he never took off. Feeling more and more courageous, Isao bent down, kissing the neckline tattoo, the dashed line across and the words “cut here” underneath. He felt Aiji swallow hard at the contact.
– I got that after a harpy gloated how she will kill me, but couldn’t strike me down. She only got my side. – Aiji’s low voice said, turning his torso a bit. Sure enough, there were two marks on his side, right in his koi tattoo’s tail.
Isao traced down, kissing his way over his chest, the bar-code and numbers didn’t need explanation, 1-7 019 was his identification as a hunter. He kissed over and down, finally meeting the offending scars with his lips.
– Does it hurt? – He asked. They were faded, but once they were very deep.
– No, none of them do anymore.
– Good.
It was something sweet about how he said that, something so pure that Aiji thought he was melting. He felt Isao kiss on the scars, getting dangerously close to parts of him that he was sure should not be part of their first make-out session.
– Darling, come back here – he reached down with on hand, holding Isao’s head by the back, pulling him in to another kiss during which he tugged at the t-shirt the blonde was wearing, pulling it over his head when parting briefly. He loved the sight in front of him. Isao’s body was splattered with countless freckles, concentrated in one spot and then spread out in an other. He wasn’t built like Aiji, there were no prominent muscles on him, Isao had a skinny frame, evidently not built for the kind of work Aiji did. He remembered Isao even having a bit of a tummy when they first met, but that was now gone, due to the stress and long nights. He was adorable either way, light blush gracing him as Aiji looked at every detail.
– You’re looking at me like you never saw me before.
– I’m just thinking, how long it would take to count them all. – Aiji said, tracing a finder over a bunch of his freckles, like he was tracing constellations in the sky.
– Kids made fun of them when I was in school. I never thought someone would actually like them.
– They are adorable. – Aiji smiled – And you are perfect.

They stayed there for what felt like hours, tracing each other’s body, shedding their remaining clothes until both were laying in bed with only an underwear keeping them apart. Aiji taking the lead only stopped once his hand were toying with the offending cloth’s hem.
– I want to see all of you. – He only needed Isaac’s nod of approval before discarding the last piece, taking in the image below him. Soft light blonde hairs graced his body, almost looking non-existent but what really caught his eyes were a size of his adorable blonde companion. The gods really blessed him. Tracing a finger up the length he heard a low moan.
– You really are perfect. – He leaned down, taking a slow lick around the tip. This earned him a whimper.
– I don’t supposed you had anyone to experiment with.
Isao shook his head. – Can you teach me how to…please?
– Well, everyone is different, but I’ll gladly explore what makes you make those sweet sounds. – Aiji grinned. Licking the underside of his cock again. Placing a hand around the length, he popped the head in his mouth, letting his saliva roll down, lathering him up. His tongue circled around the head, hearing sharp intakes of breath every time he reached the underside.
Isao was seeing stars from the feeling. Evidently he was not new to pleasure, but having someone else’s hands and mouth on him, was an entirely different case. Specially that someone being Aiji. The man was skilled, and knew just how to play him like an instrument. Every touch, lick and suck had a purpose and that purpose must have been to undo Isao, because he was feeling like he was slowly coming undone. Just as he was getting used to the feeling, he was met with a new one, feeling himself sink deeper into the man’s mouth, reaching the back of his throat. Stars burst around him in the new sensation, giving away his pleasure with a moan. This man will end him, he was sure, right here in bed.

Aiji had to give credit where credit was due, he was struggling a bit. He wanted to take all of Isao to the hilt, but that was not happening, however the sweet moan he earned with a bold bob of his head was music to his ears. After everything, he wanted nothing more than to hear these happy sounds. Another few licks and bobs, taking him almost entirely out of his mouth just to suck him back in and Isao was now constantly breathing sweet moans and meows. Aiji started to taste the salty precum, mixing in with his saliva and when suckled a bit harder he felt a hand grab the base of his hair.
Looking up, Isao was a sight to see. Eyes glistening with pleasure, cheeks red and lips parted with breaths ragged. Oh how he wished that he could save this image.
– If you keep that up I am going to… – ever the gentleman, pulling him to the edge and still using proper english.
-Well, we can’t have that just yet can we? – Aiji smirked up at him, giving his cock one last lick before tracing wet kisses up his body, taking his time, memorizing every curve. He pressed himself close, to feel their bodies together, grinding and molding them in to one.
Isao was surprised by the feeling of Aiji’s hardness against his own – when did he got rid of his boxers? – making it very clear just how much he liked making Isao feel on cloud nine. His curious hand made their way down and between them, feeling the silky skin on Aiji’s hard length. Now both slick, he reached around, palming at the length, and squeezing the base between delicate fingers, pulling up and then back down. Aiji’s head fell in to the crook of his neck, nibbling at the skin there, whispering in to his ears.
– You weren’t the only one waiting for this. – He nipped at the skin again, grinding his hips in to the touch, a soft breath escaping him. – Here, let me help. – He shifted his weight just a bit, so they had room, reached down and pull both of them in to his grip, bringing Isao’s hand to cup the other side. Grinding together into their palms, the sensation was not new, but the fact that Isao felt them both, their cocks sliding against each other, was almost enough to send him over the edge.
But he wanted to wait, he wanted to wait for Aiji, to share this bliss with him, so he held on, taking every stroke with a soft groan until they became a two person symphony.
Aiji felt the blonde twitch and groan, heard the labored breaths he so desperately tried to regulate. He was holding back, waiting for him and damn the hells he was going to fulfill his wish.
– I can feel you’re close, don’t hold back love – he breathed in to him before crushing their lips together again, his hand never faltering down and up their length. It only took a few more stokes before he felt both of them go rigid, moaning their pleasure in their kiss, riding out the waves that hit them both.
They were a panting mess, stuck together at the hip, neither wanting to break contact. Only when Aiji’s arm, that he used to prop himself up, gave out did he fall back, rolling beside Isao and pulling the boy to him. This silence was not awkward, like before, this was the kind of silence he like, where they just existed beside each other but still connected. It was comfortable.
– We should clean up… – Isao mumbled, almost half-asleep in the embrace he found himself in. A low humm his answer. – Did you like it? – Aiji opened one eye looking down at him, his small wrinkles showing his smile.
– You think too much. – He kiss Isao’s head. – You were so good.
– I imagined more…
– Oh?
– But I couldn’t hold out to do more…
– We have plenty of time, to do more, love. – Isao smiled at the pet name. He heard Aiji call others like this too, but the tone now was different. It felt most real to his ears, with more meaning. – But do tell me what you had in mind – He chuckled.
Eventually they indeed got to clean up and eventually they reheated their late night dinner too, eating together once more.