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Snowy revenge

First Snow this season! I have a sore throat (totally my fault, I’m mature like that to not bring a scarf so not it’s taking it’s toll), have muscle pain in my left tight, not sleeping well (really could fall asleep as I’m typing). But it’s snowday!!!! We don’t get that much nowadays, I remember when I was in school we had a bunch of days off because there was too much snow ^^

Iron Man

Isao got a package ;DSo there’s this magazine that is aiming for you to buy weekly and every week you get a little part of the IronMan armor that will be about 60cm in height. We happened upon the first issue while on vacation and since it was cheap we bought the headpiece for Isao ^^ His little geek heart loves it and hubby helped him put it together disclaimer: we won’t buy the whole …


Kimmuriel tried to summon a big and scary demon to potentially use it to scare humans, and ofcourse show Rai how easy it is to use magic and irritate him that the “big” wizard can’t.

Morning After

Looks like someone got tangled in the sheets last night after the party! OoOReally thou, so many say these two have a chemistry going on, and we ourselves ship the couple, but Karin is intended to be with someone else. I’m thinking of making it canon, but not on long term ^^; I mean, people have multiply relationships and some end in friendships. Specially has a high chance of friendship if Karin teaches Kravcs the …

Happy New Year!

A very spontaneous photoshoot occurred with the dolls 😀 I mean once you set them up in a diorama you kinda have to take photos.