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Vacation Days

Long time no post! I’ve been very busy with updating my shop and patterns, started to digitalize all my doll patterns and changed some things in the sizing chats too, to be more user-friendly in the shop. I did take a week off on our usual vacation, and while I didn’t take time to take photos last year, this year …


After completing the August photo challenge, a new one poked it’s head. We visited our usual vacation spot at lake Balaton, this time I bought Aiji and Isao with me. They have not been there before and I wanted to take some nice photos. The weather was very nice, so much so that we had a heatwave even in September. …

Vacation – Dinnyés

We visited a very small city that is the home to a Guinness Record winning park, with most of the castles of our country, layed out where they should be. We stayed in a small rental house and took the rest of the photos there 🙂

Vacation time!

While we didn’t had that much time (or more like inspiration) for many dolly pics, I did take a few nice ones  I brought Chino and Penelope, mainly because they fitted nicely in my bag and I really didn’t had all that much recent photos. Here are some of my fave ones