Happy New Year!

It feels 2022 had be so long, even the days seemed longer, and even thou it felt like it, I do feel like I’ve done virtually nothing. That is of course not true, but it still feels like that because many plans I had have had to be postponed.
But to have a more happier note to this year’s end, I have decided on a new play. I have layed out all my plans for the shop, to see ahead of time what needs to be done for each update.

Kravcs spent a bit of time around here and while he was doing that I pulled out Elizabeth (she still needs a body) so he can have some girl company. For those who are not familiar: Kravcs is @ashuradark’s character and doll, he is Aiji’s mentor and Damian’s front line assassin, who has a very soft side when it comes to women. Poor man only want to settle down but he’s never lucky enough to fall for the right girls. Elizabeth is Damian’s daughter, so they knew each other for quite a while now, but to him, she was always unapproachable, because of this.