Vacation Days

Long time no post! I’ve been very busy with updating my shop and patterns, started to digitalize all my doll patterns and changed some things in the sizing chats too, to be more user-friendly in the shop. I did take a week off on our usual vacation, and while I didn’t take time to take photos last year, this year I did manage a few shots. I also visited a very beautiful castle and took many many photos there (I needed to buy a photo pass so I made it count!) I won’t spam that here but you can see them on my insta account.

I did have a very relaxing trip so I’ve been working with new energy. I plan to also update some of my dolls, many of them need new blushing but they are also not the greatest posers at the moments so I plan on sueding and wireing in the near future. Maybe then I will take more photos when they can stand on stable feet.