Photomeet – Buda Castle

Between two vacations (I call this when we visit family.) We had a little photo meet in the Buda Castle~ It was raining a bit but that didn’t discourage us and there are many nice photos from that day. We will be going back to this venue from time to time because they open and close parts of the castle …

In the woods

Hubby and kids were out in the woods for some adventuring while walked around and took some photos. Sacrifices were made, mostly by the hands of mosquitoes ;3;

The water didn’t got me!

So it’s well in to summer and I had the great idea of a sore side photoshoot with water and sun and all that jazz.Of course the ideal picture in my head is a sandy sore with nice blue water and diving with the dolls to take some really cool shoots and as it goes into dawn lighting a little …

Let is Snow!

Finally it snowed! We didn’t had any and what little we got today has melted overnight but we jumped at the opportunity and actually got off our bums to take some guys out in the snow for photographs!