Sooo we had a fun time, of course what could go wrong, just went wrong: I ordered two flags with the logo, the only thing I misread that measurements were in mm not in cm, so what I got was two very small but very well made flags. So we had to improvise, bought some canvas fabric and printed out the logo on paper and glued it on place.
Then I forgot to pack a few props that were needed to our set, so Ogi had to go back home, search for them while I gave instructions on the phone. Good thing is that this way he could bring a charger for our net provider phone and a heating pillow ^^;
Prices were way off the chart again, so didn’t come back with any souvenirs this time, but we did manage to give out 96 info cards to people interested in the hobby, pointing them into legit directions and cautioning them of counterfeits. As usual, pics under the cut! And more on Flickr!

Day two’s them came as we were high on shake after the first day and just started rambling about what if’s 😀 So it became a Yakuza setup where Kravcs is about to murder the boss, Aiji and Ryou thinking about if it’s actually a good idea to let him and Dola is drawing away in the corner in a sugar rush haze. Meanwhile the girls in traditional attire are cooking some yummy dragon soup and telling fortune, all this in a Chinese dry cleaners 😀
Look under the cut for more!

Thou we had fun we did decided not to go to the next big Con. The Christmas small one is a tabu date anyway and the next big one is in spring and while it is fun, so far it’s just expense. The only way we could see a benefit is to hold a panel but right now I am not up to that kind of things. Technically on the shop’s side, this is a null-profit experience and my goal would be to make it to an actual doll Con where I can sell.