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New arrival

I had a half-surprise Christmas gift from @ashuradark , I knew it was coming, because I had to choose the skin color, but I never saw the model in person before ^^She was 3D sculpted by Ihnatieva Inna and Ashura printed out one for me in SD scale and one for hubby in MSD scale. Her body is very unique so of course, there is no clothes that fit her in my collection, I will …

BJD and social media

So naturally, social media is changing again and the way we experience the hobby changes with it. Back in the days when I started, forums were all the rage, we had local ones and international ones, even some companies had forums dedicated to them. These place held so much information at that time for us that it was a must to participate and we could only share our dolls on these platforms if we wished …


I did a thing…. the fact was that I wanted to reshell Elias, that is why I sold the old one; reason being that he was such a unique size that he didn’t really fit the crew. The Myou baby MSD’s are so cute but just not compatible with my crew because most of my big dolls have smaller heads. So I was opting to reshell him as a regular MSD boy, eyeing Myou’s dolls, …

The hype

Aiji and Nyans having a little practice session. I need to update both the character sheets and relationship maps. Basically Nyans is Ashuradark‘s and is a friend of Aiji’s who also makes music with him. He’sa a spoiled child, but always begs for things, like cigarettes or food when they are spending time together. It’s just a thing he does :3 He also want to be womanizer, dunno how well that’s going for him 😀

Sad Sad Kitty

We went to a little stroll in a nearby forest-park with the ‘kids’ 😀 I personally just wanted to have a few test-shoots in the green forest, but, as expected, Kuku had other plans :3 My two little girls had fun thou, they know better than to bring ice-cream to the forest 😀


We had a quick minimeet with a few friends <3 It was more about meeting than photographing, but still got a few good pics. We had a hipster branch and some cuties to boost :3 Also some 3D printed dolls 😀 As you can tell they had a lot of fun~