BJD info sheets

I always like to keep track of my doll’s information, from where I got the down to the last character details. I looked around and I do see a few other doll collector’s books and such but I didn’t find one that is as detailed as I wanted them to be. So what do we do when we don’t find the thing we are looking for? We make the thing! I also want to share this, cause I know I must not be the only one. It’s nothing too fancy, took a afternoon the put it together. It is also not an editable document, it is meant to either be printed and filled in or if you can edit it in any software you can fill in over the images. I will have some example up with my dolls how I would do it. I also wanted to use some neutral colors, but if you want to and can edit them to you liking, do go ahead! I mainly did this for myself.

If you need to download it here is the full zip file: