We moved….Yes again!

The first doll out on the pile of the boxes. The night we arrived and everything was packed.

In Oktober, we came to the conclusion that me and hubby should move in to our own apartment again, while it is more expensive to rent out our own than to share it, we needed our own space.
We had a few ideas what we could pay and what we needed, and thankfully, we found a few apartments that suited our needs, some were the same layout just in different buildings, so we could weed out quite a few like that.
We choose a nice little place, very similar to where we were before, but closer to the city center. Still looking down to a park and have a little creek on the other side. Hubby is close to his main work area and I am close to shops and the post office.

My main concert during hunting a new place was a fully renovated bathroom and kitchen. Those are the things that we longed for since we started looking 2 years ago, and those are the things that usually get left out of renovations at our price point. The other must have was at least 2 rooms, one living room and one bedroom, that had a door. We were lucky and found a really nice one, it’s on the 8th floor, has one huge living room, a decent sized bedroom and even a little storage nook where I can store my fabrics.

The first van-full of stuff. Since there were a lot of heavy things, we didn’t pack it to the brim, lucky we had a whole weekend to move stuff so it came over in two transits, plus a few more with our car but that was just stall stuff.

I think we unpacked for a week at least, slowly getting from the most necessary to the things that are just put away and will come in handy one day stuff. My dolls spent a week in their carriers too but I’m glad to say none were harmed during the move.

The only issue with the place were the windows, it had an old set that was very unstable, plus some parts of the blinds. Glad to say that that is all take care of now, we have all new windows and all falling hazardous stuff has been removed~
My new workspace is now all set up, not much has changed in layout but now, I’m not at the windows. This is good since the sun wont blind me and I can see my screen without a problem. I also wanted a solid wall so I can hang my croak board and some nice lights. It took a few weeks to settle in, but we did move in the first half of December and had Christmas and New Years here. The doll diorama is set up on the wall that won’t get any sunlight. I want to improve the walls and get back on making the doll apartment, so I can continue with the stories.